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Atėjus šaltajam sezonui norite išlaikyti tą tobulą vasarišką įdegį? Tai visai nesudėtinga. Šiame filmuke vizažo meistrė Justina išbando Vita Liberata įdegio putas.
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"EYES MUST" by Gabija Varnaitė

Get tanned!

I guess as many of You I am no difference by taking vacation in Autumn. Why? Well there is a lot to it. First of all this was one of the very casual summers of mine... Meaning no vacation and staying put in the city.  Despite that every week I thought thats gonna be it and I ll just go for few weeks somewhere. Guess what - never happened :D So I decided I have to arrange something for september as otherwise I ll celebrate Christmas without having decent time on a beach, a mimosa in my hand and at least a weak of no scedchule. And well what do You know... tomorrow Im flying of to my beloved Italy!
Without the joy of continuing my summer few weeks more, I had the biggest pleasure of searching for the right dresses to jump around In charming streets of Sicily... Honestly I found a lot more stunning pieces than I could find before the actual summer season... Which bombed me out. But what You gonna do. So I had , of course, to find the perfect beach wear... that would fit my ideal Italian vacation, and I believe my prays have been heard. I found a new brand called Ms. Mermaid that had the classiest bikinis... As there is no better place than Italian sea side to pull out Your classy / chic side. Matched up with Diors and huge bonnet.
Anyways that being taken care of I bumped into a new problem....TAN. As who the hell could go to the beach pail as hell with all these beauties on. And honestly who can get tanned in few days knowing there were no sunbathing for the past two months? Well the answer seems to be - anyone :D
To tell the truth I was never into self tanning as it seemed dangerous and way to difficult for a person like me. But it seems that nowadays it became easy to use? I simply had to try it out.
As also these moments where You have huge events that You want to pull out Your fabulous outfit for, and after seeing how it looks on Your pail skin You just put it back to Your closet and wait for another summer. Thats exactly what I had few months ago, and I decided that I ll just try something from this sphere. And it was freaking amazing. Just in few mins I was tanned in the most natural way... ( then I started thinking who needs to lie on a beach for 4 days in a row to get what I just got in few mins?! ) hehe. So since tomorrow I take off I had to put my skin in a healthy glow level and thats what I did. Honestly I believe I have found the perfect brand for this - Vita Liberata. I got to know this one by one of my make up artist friends as who else if not the makeup girls know it better? So I took tan mousse as its easy to use, made my skin tone perfection just in few mins and few things for the beach itself!
Anyways to sum up I am dying of thrust to finally have my vacation, and as my main holiday pack is more than ready I feel even better about it!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Swimwear / Ms. Mermaid
Tanning cosmetics / Vita Liberata

For a perfect vacation I choses

PHenomenal Tanning mouse  / to get the perfect skin tone
Marula Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50 / for beach life
And Trystal Minerals /  to wear no make up during the vacation
You can find it here :

Šaltinis: http://www.eyesmast.com/beauty-1/